Walk In The Park | Single-Release: May 21, 2021

About Jason Pollux 

SÆM – Vocals, Keys / Michael Burger – Synthesizers, Beats
Jason Pollux unites voice, the unique sound of an old Rhodes-Piano with analog synthesizers and sampled sound material. All handmade – no laptop.
 The songs thematically explore the dynamics of escapism and the longing for a place to call home. The Duo doesn’t hold back from depicting hauntingly vulnerable melancholy and trepidation in their songs as well as excentric outburst into vast electronic soundworlds and grooves.
 Their live performances create a compelling and theatrical experience, while staying authentic and close to the listener.

• 2019 Debut-EP „Escape“

• 2019 Clubtour and Festivals: e.g. Cologne Music Week

• 2020 Clubtour and Festivals: e.g. Liverpool Sound City, c/o pop Festival, Juicy Beats (postponed or cancelled due to Corona), Bochum Total (Streaming Festival)

• 2021 second EP „Running Out Of Time“ planned for September 2021

Upcoming Single “Walk In The Park” to be released on May 21, 2021


– Walk In The Park talks about sexism and victim blaming. The fact that women are learning to protect themselves rather than men being asked to behave in ways that women are safe –
photo credits: Dana Schmidt
Download 4000 × 6000 px 300dpi
artwork credits: Marie von Lobenstein
Download 3000 × 3000 px 300dpi